The EPEC-MAX, our metal series, takes the design concept of the more expensive automobiles and applies it to the slot base. Using a square tubular chassis, the EPEC-MAX provides maximum strength, maximum modularity and maximum access to your gaming floor.

The EPEC-MAX is comprised of three main parts… Frame – Top – Door.

Frames may be bolted together in various configurations: side-by-side, back-to-back, etc. The open frame structure enables an ease of installation and wiring unsurpassed in the gaming industry.

After being bolted together and all wiring/cabling is in place, the full overlay tops are added, the games installed and the full overlay doors set in place.

The open structure of the EPEC-MAX allows possibilities not previously available in slot bases.

The ability to store large game controllers is one aspect. Another is that air ducting could possibly be run through the bases, aiding you in keeping the gaming floor air fresh.

No longer are you tied to expensive, difficult to change the signage on your end panels. The EPEC-MAX is roomy enough to contain an LCD monitor that gives you the freedom and power to change your end panel signage at the click of a mouse button.